Copyediting Fiction

Presenter:   Amy J. Schneider

Length:   1.5 hours

Language:   English

Level:   Intermediate

Type:   Informational

Member price:   $60

Non-member price:   $100

This session will cover one experienced editor’s approach to copyediting fiction for mainstream publishers. Topics include balancing house style and author’s voice; appropriate level of editing; leeway in applying “correctness”; using style sheets to maintain plot consistency for characters, locations, and timeline; handling dialogue; balancing real and fictional elements; conscious language; and diplomacy in editing and querying.



Amy Schneider headshot.

Amy J. Schneider, owner of Featherschneider Editorial Services ( since 1995, is a full-time copyeditor and proofreader of best-selling fiction in a variety of genres (in addition to nonfiction). Amy has written articles and blog posts and presented in-person and online sessions on editorial topics for, ACES, Editors Canada, the Northwest Editors Guild, EFA, and CIEP. When she’s not working in the soft glow of her four-monitor desktop, she enjoys running, singing, and teaching her springer spaniels to do silly tricks (not all at the same time).

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