Macros for Editors: Beginners’ Basics

Presenter:   Paul Beverley

Length:   1.5 hours

Language:   English

Level:   Introductory

Type:   Instructional

Member price:   $60

Non-member price:   $100

If you’ve heard about the benefits of using macros from other editors but haven’t been sure where to start, this introductory webinar is for you!

Macros can enable you to edit more quickly and your work will have a higher level of consistency. Assuming zero knowledge, this webinar will show you how to follow a simple set of instructions to install an initial set of macros. These macros represent a very powerful set of tools that you can start to use straightaway, at a simple level; but they can also be used even more widely as you gain confidence.

The macros provide (a) tools for analysing your documents to reveal the inconsistencies that you will need to correct (b) ways to speed up the process of editing the text as you read (c) (as your confidence grows) ways of making global changes to the document before you read – a real speed enhancer.

This webinar will be based on Paul’s (free) Macro Starter Pack:



Beverley headshot.

Paul Beverley has been creating macros for use by editors and proofreaders for over 14 years. The macros (well over 700 of them) are freely available via his website ( and are used in more than 40 countries. Despite being of pensionable age, he enjoys editing far too much to stop altogether, so he occasionally edits technical books and theses. He has also produced well over 100 training videos, so that you can see some of the individual macros in action:

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