Editing for Engineers and Scientists

Presenter:   Christa Bedwin

Language:   English

Level:   Intermediate

Type:   Informational

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Want to work with scientific or engineering documents but are not sure where to start? This webinar will cover the tools you need to approach these projects with confidence.

Many editors complain of feeling at sea with scientific or engineering documents, or of finding engineers or scientists intransigent to work with. Christa Bedwin loves working with engineers and scientists, and has codified the secrets to happy relations with this special class of writers, their needs, and some magic tips to effective communications.

This course will prepare editors who have hesitated to edit for these clients, to feel more confident about their ability to enter this lucrative market.  We will cover appropriate resources and style guides for various scientific fields, as well as special industry and government needs, and issues that excellent professional editors need to be alert to in science and engineering. We will also discuss ways of communicating and explaining edits to the scientifically-minded client, and a few tips that help engineers understand and accept what the editor wants.



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Christa has been an international science editor and writer for 20 years. She has written 3 textbooks for consultants and contributed chapters to Editing Canadian English and Editorial Niches. She has freelance experience with educational and trade publishers, industry, government, and academia. She worked in-house with global consulting company Golder Associates on international engineering and environmental projects. She has taught technical writing seminars in three countries, helped to develop international writing standards, and edited for scientific writers around the globe.

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