Getting work with the Online Directory of Editors

Presenter:   Greg Ioannou

Length:   45 minutes

Language:   English

Level:   Introductory

Type:   Informational

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Non-member price:   FREE

Let’s be frank: some people are getting a lot more work from their ODE listing than others are. Why do some people find big-ticket clients or get so much work from the ODE that they’re swamped? What’s their secret? Is it that they’re super experienced, well-known or … more qualified than YOU?


Editors who are successfully using the ODE know how to craft their listings so they bring in more work. There really are “secrets” in this trade, and they aren’t always intuitive. In this free webinar, we’ll lift the veil on those secrets and show you how to make the most of an ODE listing.



Greg Ioannou





Former disc jockey Greg Ioannou evolved from a record reviewer in his spare time to a professional editor running a publishing company and a crowdfunding site.

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