Professional Editorial Standards: How do they work for you?

Presenter:   Michelle Boulton, Moira Rayner White

Length:   25 minutes

Language:   English

Level:   Introductory

Type:   Informational

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Non-member price:   FREE

Many of Canada’s editors use new technologies and work in industries that are far from traditional print publishing. Technological advances and current working methods are at the heart of the latest edition of Professional Editorial Standards, Editors Canada’s cornerstone publication.

So, you have your copy of Professional Editorial Standards. Now what?

  • What do you do with them?
  • How are they relevant to your work?
  • Are they only for book editors? (Spoiler: no!)
  • What kinds of changes did Editors Canada make in this new edition and why?
  • What should people who hire or work with editors know about the standards?
  • What should people who teach editors know?

Bring your questions to this free webinar, where we’ll discuss Professional Editorial Standards and how they work for you.




Michelle Boulton leads a team of experienced professionals to offer services including writing, editing, translation, design, and training. She is a founding member of Editors Saskatchewan, where she held many branch executive positions, and she is a past president of Editors Canada. She was co-chair the Standards Task Force.

Moira Rayner White has decades of experience editing, proofreading, writing, teaching, and managing projects across Canada and beyond for government and corporate clients. She is a past president of Editors Canada, as well as former chair of Editors Ottawa-Gatineau. Together with Michelle Boulton, she co-chaired the Standards Task Force.

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