Masterclass on Grant Writing and Editing

Presenter:   Autumn Scott

Length:   1 hour

Language:   English

Level:   Introductory

Type:   Informational

Member price:   $42

Non-member price:   $70

An overview and introduction through the intricacies of a grant application from inception to completion. This webinar will cover how to find grants that work for specific individuals and organizations, how to edit for clarity and concise ideas, tips to ensure that your application stands out and how to align with various strategic initiatives to help secure funding.




Autumn Scott Headshot.

Autumn Scott has always had a convergence of interest between politics and the world of film. Upon obtaining her honors specialization, she started her career with the Government of Ontario before moving to the Legislative Assembly. Currently, Autumn works in government relations for the Toronto International Film Festival. Throughout her professional life, she has served as Director of Publicity on various film festival and theater boards and has successfully secured over two million dollars in grant revenue. She is an award winning actor and director, and has spent her life working in the creative industry.

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