Be More Visible Online: Intermediate SEO for Editors and their Clients

Presenter:   Julie Kay-Wallace

Length:   1.5 hours

Language:   English

Level:   Intermediate

Type:   Informational

Member price:   $60

Non-member price:   $100

You’ve got a grasp on keywords, metadata, and web crawlers. Your content is solid. But how can you make sure you’re grabbing your audience’s attention?

Whether you’re marketing your own site, managing or curating content for a client’s site, or working as the editor on a marketing team, understanding the nitty gritty details of SEO can be a big advantage. In this seminar, we’ll look at more advanced SEO techniques and using SEO tools. We’ll go through the basics of Google Analytics and how you can use it to identify content performance and best posting times. We’ll look at how to use social media to enhance your content’s SEO performance. We’ll also tackle basic web performance issues — like page speed, mobile friendly pages, and web accessibility — and learn how even a beginner with no coding knowledge can make a webpage that’s fast and user-friendly.

Learn who is going to your site, when, and where from, and what to do to make sure that those visitors keep coming back for more.



Julie Kay Wallace headshot.

Julie Kay-Wallace has always loved languages — and not just spoken ones. The minute she started learning HTML, she was hooked. A self-taught programmer as well as an editor, she currently maintains and optimizes seven different websites on four different servers. SEO is part of her daily tasks, both for her own business site and for the webpages of her clients.

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