To Be More Efficient and Consistent, Build a Better Checklist

Presenter:   Kelly Schrank

Length:   1 hour

Language:   English

Level:   Intermediate

Type:   Informational

Member price:   $42

Non-member price:   $70

Anyone writing, editing, or managing any type of communication for a living is feeling the crunch. There is less time to create and edit; more types and formats of content; more apps, software, and systems to learn. And we expect quality, accuracy, and consistency from ourselves because we take pride in our work. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to address a multitude of modern dilemmas with a relatively old-school hack: a checklist.

Come to this session to learn how using a comprehensive checklist created and updated for a specific communication task can help you differentiate workflows, systems, and activities; spell out style and formatting details, track your progress, document metrics, and give you a sense of completion and peace of mind. 



Kelly Schrank Headshot.

Kelly Schrank, MA, ELS, has been in technical and medical communication for over 20 years. Through her business, Bookworm Editing Services, she brings consistency, structure, and clarity to her clients’ content regardless of whether she is writing content like blog posts, style guides, and standard operating procedures or editing formulary dossiers, manuscripts, proposals, slide decks, and training materials in the information technology, cybersecurity, and pharmaceutical industries.

Kelly is an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication and a BELS-certified Editor in the Life Sciences. Kelly has presented on checklists, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, editing, side gigs, and networking in webinars and conferences.

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